WEE the PEOPLE makes its Debut

Presidential politics and spring are in the air, and with them comes the launch of WEE the PEOPLE. WEE the PEOPLE brings American History to life through fun, kid-sized, inspired tees based on Washington, DC’s most famous monuments and memorials.

The Preamble to the U. S. Constitution reminds us that every story has a beginning. WEE the PEOPLE’s story began with an idea to tell America's story through the people and places of our history. But co-owners Sara Lee of Alexandria, VA and Lisa McReynolds of Franklin, TN, don’t want children to just collect their tees, they also want children to learn, remember, and share the stories behind their designs.

“The Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol. The Washington Monument. The White House. When we visit these places, we take a piece of them home with us. Our story and America's story intertwine and grow together,” said Lisa McReynolds. “We created each one of our tee shirts to be a beautiful reminder of the American story told in these memorials. We don't want America’s history to end at the Capitol steps. We want it to flow through our neighborhoods, playgrounds, homes, and schools. Because we believe our story needs be handed down to the next generation.”

WEE the PEOPLE tees, sized for toddlers and youth, are a playful take on DC’s most famous landmarks and special events and include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, U.S. Capitol, Mount Vernon, American Flag, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sara Lee, hopes their WEE the PEOPLE tees inspire future leaders. “George, Tom, & Abe were all kids once, too. They went on to do great things, and gave every American a unique blessing. When you tell your kids their story, you give them a story to tell, a great history to be a part of. Who knows what great things they will do?”